In A Mirror Dimly

She Said Yes!

Actually, she said “of course!” I have some pretty big news that I am over-the-moon excited about: I’m getting married! If your first reaction to the news of my engagement is “I didn’t even know he was dating!!” then that’s okay.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Also, don’t beat me up. Contrary to the belief of some, I’m [...]

Dear Summer…

Dear Summer, This has been good! I’m glad we did this.  You made me laugh and you made me cry, but mostly you gave me peace in my heart. Dear Summer, Thanks for bringing all those great people into my life! There were a whole bunch of friends to reunite with, and a handful of [...]

Missed Opportunity

Yesterday in the grocery store, there was a new cashier – a guy, probably in high school, or recently graduated.  He didn’t exactly know what he was doing.  He couldn’t remember that the apples were code #99406 (or whatever).  He forgot to weigh some of the produce, and had to void and restart a few [...]

The Model Lenter

Lent has ended, and with it goes my fast from coffee. If you’re looking for lenten advice, I’m probably not the guy to come to. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a perfect performer when it came to such an abstinence.  I determined at the beginning that I was not going to be overly legalistic about [...]

Lenten Grace

Last year around this time, I posted an article that sort of painted a picture of what Lent is all about–at least from my own perspective. I encourage you to read it here. In that article, I sort of pointed the finger at evangelicals for hating on Lent. I want to express that in so [...]

Brian Welch Eyes

A Year After Brian (or What Death Does)

It has been a full year since my friend and peer, Brian, passed away from cancer. He’s been on my mind quite a bit over the past few weeks, but it wasn’t until social media started talking about him today, that I realized it really had been this long. When Brian passed, I was shaken. [...]

zoolander done

Mistaken Identity

I’ve been thinking about “identity” a lot, recently.  Ever since I had my fingerprints surgically burned off. But this is a lot less about my battle against Orwell’s Big Brother, and much more about the uniqueness of individual identity. There are cliche questions out there, like “who am I?” and (at least within christendom) there [...]