In A Mirror Dimly

Dear Summer…

Dear Summer, This has been good! I’m glad we did this.  You made me laugh and you made me cry, but mostly you gave me peace in my heart. Dear Summer, Thanks for bringing all those great people into my life! There were a whole bunch of friends to reunite with, and a handful of [...]

The Model Lenter

Lent has ended, and with it goes my fast from coffee. If you’re looking for lenten advice, I’m probably not the guy to come to. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a perfect performer when it came to such an abstinence.  I determined at the beginning that I was not going to be overly legalistic about [...]

Sugar & Splice – Christmas Music That’s Different

IT’S FINALLY DECEMBER! That means: a) We’ll all hopefully be seeing fewer lip curtains, now that Movember is finished b) We are all legally allowed to play Christmas music! Last year I whipped up this hand-mixed batter of musical deliciousness, and passed out fresh-baked versions of it to some friends and family. Truth is, I’d [...]

The Blindfold

Go on a little imagination adventure with me, would ya? Picture this: Your dad says “I have a surprise for you.  Close your eyes.” He then gently covers them with one of his neckties, knots it at the back, and leads you out, where he spins you around a dozen times. You’re now blind and dizzy. [...]


Before I get into blogging on a (somewhat) regular basis again, I feel like I owe everyone an explanation. No kidding! You were gone for a long time. It’s been like three and a half months since you’ve posted anything! I know, I know. I was busy, okay? Too busy to blog?  Too busy to [...]


Greatest Story

If you give me two choices for a movie, eleven times out of ten, I will choose the superhero explosion flick over the exercise instructional video.  (Unless of course, it’s this one). And unless you instruct yoga, or you’re unnaturally attracted to sweaty contortionists, you’re probably with me on this one. Why? Well, for starters, [...]

Batch 02 – The Merzik Exchange

This is the second grouping of a few songs from the wicked-awesome (if you’re over 50, “wicked-awesome” means it’s “good”) experimental project I did with a friend. Fill yourself in over here, and then expose yourself (ewww!!) to some great music that may be perfectly new to you. Small doses . . . 3a. 4a. [...]