In A Mirror Dimly
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A Year After Brian (or What Death Does)

It has been a full year since my friend and peer, Brian, passed away from cancer. He’s been on my mind quite a bit over the past few weeks, but it wasn’t until social media started talking about him today, that I realized it really had been this long. When Brian passed, I was shaken. [...]

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Insights From A Dudette: A Guest Post by Laura

I got a lot of good feedback on my recent Insights On Being A Dude series, and wanted to hear from the other side. My friend Laura volunteered to enlighten us with a few insights from the finer gender. [If YOU would like to guest-post, shoot me an email at  This gender thing could [...]

Brian Welch

In Memoriam

A friend of mine passed away today. It’s weird how things align themselves in certain ways, based on perspective.  Brian was a beacon (not a bacon.  He would have liked that pun).  My thoughts are totally scrambled today, as I reflect on his life, reflect on my own life, and bounce back-and-forth from trying to [...]

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Where Did It Go?

Anyone who’s spent a summer at camp with me, knows how scatterbrained and forgetful I really am.  You know this by two things: 1. I externalize all my thoughts onto paper, which remains inside an exclusive red clipboard, affectionately dubbed my “Flat Brain.”  Or just my “Brain” for short. 2. I am constantly misplacing My [...]

Fellowship of the Unashamed

The whole weekend, Randy Carter was based in II Timothy 2:3-4, which deals with the soldier and warfare nature of our faith. Randy quoted part of this “Fellowship of the Unashamed” in the last session.  He did not write it, himself, nor did he make that claim. After a bit of research, I’ve discovered that the [...]

Randy’s Revive Message #2

On Saturday morning, I was a little more ready to jot down a few things said The whole weekend, Randy was based in II Timothy 2:3-4, and unpacked a new part of it in each session.  I got a few quotations scribbled: “Separation without surrender is just legalism.” “Apparent separation without surrender is hypocrisy.” Here are [...]