In A Mirror Dimly

Lenten Grace

Last year around this time, I posted an article that sort of painted a picture of what Lent is all about–at least from my own perspective. I encourage you to read it here. In that article, I sort of pointed the finger at evangelicals for hating on Lent. I want to express that in so [...]

zoolander done

Mistaken Identity

I’ve been thinking about “identity” a lot, recently.  Ever since I had my fingerprints surgically burned off. But this is a lot less about my battle against Orwell’s Big Brother, and much more about the uniqueness of individual identity. There are cliche questions out there, like “who am I?” and (at least within christendom) there [...]


Self-Medicating with Self-Laughter

“It’s funny because it’s true” is one of my favourite sayings that I don’t say. And I think that Christians have some of the best material for ‘funny cuz it’s true’ stuff. But oh, how often we are defensive and irritable, instead of being able to laugh at ourselves! If we could only take that [...]

Ashes is When’s Day?

Yesterday we celebrated Pancake Tuesday (aka: Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras), which means that today is Ash Wednesday—the beginning of Lent.  It’s forty days (excluding Sundays) that many Christians observe as part of the liturgical calendar, before Easter. There’s quite a diversified opinion out there on the whole topic of Lent.  Amongst those who oppose [...]

Tuesday’s Flapcakes

…or panjacks? Last night was a blast.  I’d wanted to give the teens something to chew on (literally and figuratively) as Lent became imminent, so I proposed a pancake supper in which I would teach them the W5 on this church season.  I was delighted to hear that several of the parents were actually interested, as well, so [...]

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Reasons I’m a Twit

After a week of being on the inside, I’ve finally come out of the blue-bird closet.  Whether you need reasons, or not, I felt the need to justify myself a bit.  So here goes: Some reasons that I’ve joined Twitterspace. 1. Social media can provide a platform for some pretty cool interactivity.  I won’t give anything [...]

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I’m a Twit

I had considered titling this post “I’m Twitterpated” but that gets into all kinds of awkward. And don’t even think of calling me Thumper. I am now a Twitterite. There, I said it.  Here’s the deal: I jumped on the wagon a week ago, to see what it’s like.  I’ve got some good reasons for [...]